Best Practices for Expanded Beam Connectors in Data Centers – Call-for-Participation Webinar July 7, 2020

The operational expense for cleaning and inspection of optical connectors in data centers is increasing as the use of fiber optic connectors grows. With less sensitivity to contamination and scratches, expanded beam connectors have the potential to reduce operating expense while maintaining high performance; however, the connectors still require inspection and cleaning to prevent performance degradation. To date, there is no industry standard defining cleaning methods for expanded beam connectors, and no guidelines for a cleaning process.
The Best Practices for Expanded Beam Connectors in Data Centers project will develop industry cleanliness guidelines for the use of expanded beam connectors in this high-performance environment to help enable wider use of the technology and leverage operational expense reductions. Specifically, the project plans to:
  1. Investigate the impact of contamination on optical performance (IL/RL) of single mode and multimode expanded beam connectors in comparison with physical connect and air gap connector technologies.
  2. Develop cleaning recommendations based on experimental and modeling data for single mode and multimode expanded beam connectors.
  3. Estimate the potential cost savings due to the implementation of expanded beam connectors in data centers.
Join iNEMI for a call-for-participation webinar to learn more about this new project. Two sessions are scheduled, and the webinars are open to everyone (membership is not required). For additional information, contact Steve Payne (
Session 1 (APAC) 
Tuesday, July 7
8:00 a.m. CST (China)
5:00 p.m. PDT on July 6
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Session 2 (Americas & EMEA)
Tuesday, July 7
11:00 a.m. EDT (Americas)
5:00 p.m. CEST (Europe)
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