AWS Electronics Group´s name changed to Incap Electronics

After the acquisition of AWS Electronics Group by Incap Corporation in January 2020, the company’s units in the UK and Slovakia will now be trading as Incap Electronics UK Ltd. and Incap Electronics Slovakia s.r.o.

In January 2020, Electronics Manufacturing Services provider Incap Corporation acquired 100% ownership of AWS Electronics Group, a provider specialized in high complexity services with production facilities in the UK and Slovakia.

Otto Pukk, President & CEO of Incap Corporation:

“We are now happy to announce that all our units are operating under the Incap name. In line with our operational model, Incap Electronics UK and Slovakia will continue to operate as highly independent units within the group. Incap Corporation has now a wider geographic presence, having gained a foothold in the UK and Central European markets and strengthened our position in the USA and South-East Asia. Entering into new market segments has widened our customer portfolio and we have been able to broaden our product offering to existing customers as well.”

Jamie Maughan, Managing Director of Incap Electronics UK & Slovakia:

“Since the acquisition in January we have been welcomed into the Incap group and we have seen a good synergy between the sites. We plan to continue our growth and investment into the UK & Slovakia sites and we see the UK & European markets continuing to grow and expand.”

Incap Electronics UK Ltd. production facility is situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK and the Incap Electronics Slovakia s.r.o production facility is situated in Namestovo, Slovakia. Incap´s UK and Slovakia production facilities focus on high complexity EMS services principally in the industrial controls, medical, automotive, aerospace, scientific instrumentation and controls sectors. Additional information may be found at

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