Avalue Launches the SPC Series, Stainless Steel and Anti-Dirt Tablet PC Multi-Protection Design

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), global embedded solution provider, is an associate member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Avalue’s SPC series 1533 Full Plane Tablet PC is designed exclusively for heavily polluted environments. The whole device comes with a design of water resistance, anti-dirt and easy-to-clean, making it especially suitable for meat processing industry, aquaculture, car wash, navigation, waste water treatment, farms, and biotechnology industry. The light-weight design makes it easy to use without compromising the structural robustness. Moreover, the high performance but low power consumption Intel® Apollo Lake Celeron processor ensures the operation stability in harsh environments.

Robust and Anti-erosion Stainless Housing with IP 65 Water Resistance Makes it Easy to Clean
The durable anti-erosion and anti-oil stainless steel prevent oxidation and acid/base corrosion, which is suitable for meat processing industry that concerns bacteria breeding, and for harsh environments such as navigation, wastewater treatment, laboratories, farms etc. The polished stainless steel housing is designed as full plane surface to avoid dirt accumulation. The compliance of IPX9K makes the whole device convenient in using where short-time hot water rinsing the device is required. In addition, the compliance of IP65 for water and dirt resistance enables the operation under humid, dusty, and oil contamination conditions. The waterproof power button and metal connector on the side are firmly sealed to prevent permeation of liquids, while the fanless design can reduce bacteria transmission due to air convection, and elevate the stability of environment.

High-customization Level and Fast Upgrade Offers Various Flexible Options for Customer
Avalue’s industrial control systems can be customized according to environmental conditions and user requirements, so as to develop the optimum and most appropriate products for customers. The SPC series 1533 Full Plane Tablet PC supports COM DB9, RJ-45, USB2.0 and other flexible I/O designs. For optional features, we provide the integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, high brightness sunlight readable technology and other solutions. Various panel sizes are available. We currently offer the mainstream 15”LCD panel. In order to provide more choices to customers, we forecast to deliver 17” and 21.5” panels in the 2nd half of this year.

Avalue’s SPC series 1533 Full Plane Tablet PC has characteristics of anti-collision, anti-erosion, water resistance and other robust features, which facilitate the use in any heavily contaminated environments. The full plane metal housing design at the front and rear side of device presents a concise appearance, enabling good heat dissipation efficiency without compromising the strong structural protection. Being resistant to dirt, water and easy-to-clean, the high customization SPC series is your best choice in heavily contaminated environments.

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