Author: Jennifer Read

Developing the Electronics Workforce through Academia-Industry Partnership

Much has been written about the need to attract new, young talent into the electronics manufacturing industry.  Here in part one of this two-part interview, we speak with Rochester Institute of Technology professors about educating future engineers and equipment supplier ASM on making hands-on experience a differentiator.   Former RIT students now working in industry also share their perspective.


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EMSNOW CLASSIC From the Publisher: EMS Industry — Then and Now

This article originally appeared in April of this year. We thought it was worth a replay.

We thought it would be fun to do a series of articles about how the industry has evolved. Since we’ve been collecting data and writing about it for so long, we know what we’ve been saying, so over a few beers recently, we took a walk down memory lane to some of the trends that we forecast over the last decade or so. We decided to explore which predictions have panned out, and which have been wrong turns. We felt pretty good about our forecasts, to be honest (although this could be the beer talking).

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