Architecture to Circuit Schematics in 60 Seconds: An Introduction to Circuit Mind AI – Webinar Feb 29

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, Artificial intelligence has pervaded every aspect of our personal and professional lives. However, electronics design leaders and engineers have been left without practical use cases of AI in their workflow…until now.

On the 29th of February 2024, Circuit Mind is publicly unveiling ACE: the world’s deterministic AI that lets electronics teams go from architecture to schematic in 60 seconds, so that they can get to market faster, avoid re-spins, and create smaller, cheaper, more power-efficient products.

If you are an electronic engineer, manager or leader, register here to join the session to learn how to optimise over billions of component combinations, avoid datasheet doom-scrolling, reduce schematic errors and design for supply chain resilience in minutes with Circuit Mind’s algorithmic component selection and schematic generation technology.

Why is this important?

Electronic circuits power the world. However, the ECAD software that electronic engineers use to design these circuits are still design drafting tools that leave engineers with heaps of tedious, error-prone work that stretch product development cycles, lead to sub-optimal product quality and anxiety: searching several manufacturer websites for the perfect component, trolling through datasheets to understand pin assignments/component configurations/attributes, browsing distributor websites for part availability and the list goes on.

With Circuit Mind’s product, ACE, an engineer can specify requirements as a block diagram, specify lower-level requirements on each block, and use sliders to specify tradeoffs like cost, size, power and supply chain optimisation. At the click of a button, ACE can generate various BoM and Schematic options in 60 – 600 seconds optimising for the specified tradeoffs. The platform also exports the preferred results to the engineer’s ECAD tools

ACE stands for Assistant to Circuit Engineers. It is built to be a trustworthy partner to electronic engineers in their design process, built with deterministic algorithms developed specifically for the electronic design problem. No hallucinations, no stochastic guesses. The engineer is fully in control, outsourcing the routine tasks to ACE, while personally taking on the creative and experience-based design tasks.

Circuit Mind has customers across Industrial, Consumer, Automotive, Medical, Design Services and Electronic Manufacturing Service space. Some notable names are Trek Bikes, National Instruments and Fuji, who have been using the platform on real-world electronic designs for over a year now.

This will be the first public showcase of ACE during which:

  • Circuit Mind will generate a design live in minutes.
  • They’ll discuss the underlying deterministic AI technology
  • Existing customers will discuss what they designed with ACE.
  • Zachariah Peterson will ask them the hard questions that engineers need answered.

Join Circuit Mind to witness the biggest breakthrough in board-level electronics design since the 90s. You can register to attend or get a recording here . Alternatively you can directly book a demo or request access on the Circuit Mind website!


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