Applied Risk launches new European program to tackle industrial cybersecurity challenges

Latest initiative to focus on combating cybersecurity breaches in critical industries and ensure preparedness for the incoming EU NIS Directive

Applied Risk
, an industrial security services provider, has today launched a new program to help industrial operators and suppliers across Europe achieve compliance with IEC 62443 standards, therefore increasing preparedness for the EU Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (the NIS Directive), due to come into effect in May of this year.

The program is a collaboration between Applied Risk and international safety and security expert DEKRA, which will firstly help guide industrial operators through a review of their current cybersecurity measures, and secondly provide assistance with the implementation of best practice processes to ensure the correct protection mechanisms are in place and adhered to.

“The NIS Directive is coming and while there is still time to prepare, large fines of up to €17m could have a devastating impact on industrial facilities,” states Auke Huistra, Partner and Security Consultant at Applied Risk. “However, that shouldn’t be the motivating factor for compliance. A truly forward-thinking business is a cyber secure one. Productivity, efficiency and staff safety can only be assured with the correct cybersecurity credentials in place. Adherence with the NIS Directive and IEC 62443 certification will provide assurance for this.”

Auke Huistra continues, “We decided to launch this program as it has been Applied Risk’s core mission from the very beginning to help secure critical assets in the industrial domain against emerging cyber threats. We have worked with a wealth of large organisations that rely on our cybersecurity expertise to safeguard their plants. Programs such as this will play a vital role in helping those in charge of industrial facilities to meet industry standards, alleviate the threat of fines and most importantly, maintain secure and reliable working environments.”

Beat Kreuter, Director Global Operations at DEKRA, states, “In 2017, DEKRA was the first European organisation that was recognised to perform assessments and issue certificates for IEC 62443 compliance, the leading cybersecurity standard for industrial automation, healthcare and industry 4.0 applications. Working with Applied Risk to launch this new program highlights the importance of such certification schemes when aiming to achieve compliance with new regulations.”