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Appeal from Ukraine to Electronics Companies

By Yevhen Horniuk, Business Development Manager, IKT Electronics


Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Computer Technologies Ltd (Group of companies IKT) is an electronics manufacturing services provider operating both in domestic and international markets. IKT’s manufacturing facilities are located in Chernihiv, to the north of Kyiv. Our city had been under Russians’ bombardment for several weeks. Heavy shelling destroyed a number of dwelling houses, hospitals, schools, stadiums and infrastructure objects. As soon as the invaders were expelled from the territory of the Chernihiv region, our company immediately returned to work. Fortunately, our specialists are safe and the manufacturing facilities are undamaged. We managed to restore manufacturing process, supply chain and continue to provide the services for Ukrainian and foreign customers.

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Unfortunately, we have been greatly disappointed to learn that some global electronic components suppliers (Avnet, Vicor and some others) have ceased doing business with their customers from Ukraine and won’t accept our orders. That is hard to explain because the countries from all over the civilized world nowadays provide a huge amount of support to Ukraine in various areas. We understand that logistics became more complicated, but the supply chain is working and shipments from the other suppliers are getting delivered! Ukraine has to struggle against enemies on the battle fields and, to be successful there, our economy must be stronger than ever! It can be possible through increased cooperation instead of the isolation that we faced.

Since the full-scale military invasion of Russia, IKT Group of companies has been providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and critical infrastructure facilities. Three motor vehicles were handed over to the Armed Forces and the National Police, and material assistance in the form of office equipment, mobile phones, power generators, etc. was provided. Modern equipment was purchased and handed over to the intensive care unit of the Chernihiv Regional Hospital to monitor the condition of the seriously ill and wounded people. It is critical to provide good quality medical care in wartime.

We appeal to the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of electronic components to support Ukrainian companies not only with slogans on their websites and social networks, but also with specific responsible and completely legal actions.

Also we are ready to provide electronics manufacturing services for new customers from the USA and all over the world. Feel free to address me with your inquiries through Email and LinkedIn, Please review our capabilities presentation


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