Ana Mendoza, organizer of SMTA, speaks in Juárez about the management of 2024 events

SOURCE: Hecho en Mexico

At the meeting of SMTA Ciudad Juárez, we had the opportunity to talk with Ana Mendoza about the current event and about Querétaro.

Ana told us that the AI trend has been growing, which is something that had been seen a few months ago. That is to say, we are experiencing a trend towards digitalization; in past meetings there was already talk of connectivity and innovation strategies in terms of data collection, but now with AIs, this is growing.

The Chapter of SMTA in Ciudad Juárez has grown; now there are more partners who participate in the event and also a brisker flow of attendees. We observed and agreed on what, in Ana’s words, was: “What distinguishes the SMTA is Regionality” on which we agree. Taking an event that is electronic manufacturing to different sites and still regionalizing each sector is a challenge and the SMTA is covering it as it should be, connecting with each of the regions.

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