Laser Welding Workstations for precision laser spot and seam welding

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE announces the availability of its MIYACHI EAPRO NOVA3 Laser Welding Workstations, ideal for precision spot- or seam welding of metal parts, including medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace components.

The NOVA3 is an excellent choice for seam sealing of medical devices and high frequency aerospace radar components, spot welding of small mechanical parts and battery housings, as well as hermetic seam welding of sensors, batteries and battery packages. The MIYACHI laser welders can join a wide range of stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminium, and copper.

The modular, flexible, lean-manufacturing-ready NOVA3 Series Laser Welding Workstations feature CE-approved, Class 1 eye-safe enclosures. The stable and ergonomic platform facilitates continuous production and stress-free, concentrated, and effective operators. An integrated touchscreen enables easy programming.

Comprised of high performance ruggedized industrial laser equipment, the NOVA3 is customizable to specific production requirements. It can be equipped with pulsed Nd-YAG lasers up to 600W, continuous wave fibre lasers up to 5000W and quasi-continuous wave (pulsed) fibre lasers up to 600W average power. Manual, pneumatic, and motorized door configurations are available, with horizontal or vertical opening direction. The NOVA3 offers servo motor driven axis (XYZ) CNC motion.