Altus Has Soldering Solutions to Increase Throughput

Maximum throughput and reduced cycle times are key requirements in electronics manufacture today. Finding soldering solutions to meet these conditions was challenging until the introduction of CondensoX-Line Quad Core by Rehm which is now available from the UK and Ireland’s leading distributor of capital equipment, Altus Group.

The throughput of vapour phase soldering systems can be limited due to their process chambers. To overcome this problem Rehm developed CondensoX-Line Quad Core which offers continuous vacuum processes facilitating increased throughput rates.

Matt Jones- Director, Altus explains: “A conventional vapour phase soldering system does not meet the latest requirements for throughput per production line. Mass quantities produced quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard is what is required from manufacturers today. This is particularly evident within the electronics sector.

“Rehm has combined the advantages of the vacuum soldering process with the vapour phase allowing large quantities to be produced, resulting in shorter cycle times. This new system uses four parallel vacuum soldering processes to achieve both the highest throughput rates and continuous process operation during maintenance work. The chambers can be operated individually and independently of each other, so any required maintenance can be performed on specific process chambers without causing a line stop.  This is making a huge impact on production, increasing throughput and helping in the continuous manufacturing process.”

The individual process chambers contain both the vapour phase process and a complete vacuum process. The pressure values, as well as the temperature profile, can be influenced during the entire process. This enables the advantages for controlling temperature and pressure to be used.

The CondensoX-Line Quad Core is the only vapour phase soldering system to allow process gases and formic acid to be used as well as continuous vacuum processes and high throughput rates. To find out more contact Altus