Altus Assists with Cleaning Procedures by Adding New Cleaning Solutions to its Portfolio

As we continue to adapt to the Coronavirus pandemic and many more companies return to work, the importance of ensuring that hygiene and cleaning procedures are put in place has never been more important. To help support its customers, Altus, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, has expanded its portfolio of chemistries from Kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH to include disinfectant and disinfectant dispensing solutions.

kolb Xyloquat H-Sept E is a new hand and surface disinfection product which has been launched to help to keep workplaces as clean as possible. Joe Booth, Director – Business Development and Marketing said: “Although it is difficult to be completely risk-free to the coronavirus, the fact is that good cleaning and disinfection routines can greatly reduce or eliminate the viral count on surfaces and objects in the work place.

“Kolb has utilised its deep expertise in chemistry to innovate and produce this solution in situations where current demand overwhelms supply. Xyloquat H-Sept E can be used for both hand sanitisation and to clean surfaces. This means workstations, equipment, computers, and frequently touched surfaces like door handles can be cleaned with ease.

“Xyloquat H-Sept E contains the recommended 70% alcohol concentration to help to kill bacteria and it a spray is available in a variety of sizes including bottles which can be mounted to a wall or held in a stand dispenser and a 10L drum for high quantity use.

“Altus has sourced other items to help facilities get up and running again including a Thermal Measurement Access Gate which automatically measures body temperature when staff pass through it. We hope these new additions to our portfolio will be useful to our customers and support their return to work.”

Kolb Xyloquat H-Sept E has biocidal and fungicidal properties and highly effective decontamination components. Additionally, the product contains skin protection substances to prevent disinfected skin from drying out. The product is in stock and available to ship. For more information visit