Alpha’s Narahari Pujari to Present at SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai China May 2018

Somerset, NJ – Alpha Assembly Solutions, a provider of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is participating in the upcoming SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference taking place May 27-30 in Shanghai, China.

Narahari Pujari, R&D Manager for Alpha Assembly Solutions, part of the MacDermid Performance Solutions group of businesses, will present a technical paper on New Challenges for Tabbing and Stringing Liquid Fluxes that focuses on challenges for the tabbing fluxes arising as a result of rapid change in technology, process, material and reliability requirements.

“Tabbing liquid fluxes plays a key role in PV module assembly process,” said Pujari.  “Flux reacts with and thereby removes surface oxides on both, the solder and the substrate. This ensures that clean metals are presented during reflow so wetting and associated bond formation can proceed.” He continues, “Fluxes, however, can be responsible for pollution on tools, cold solders, weak peel strength, nozzle clogging, power attenuation, incompatibility and many other issues causing severe delays in the shipment.”

Pujari’s presentation will categorize and evaluate the challenges for tabbing liquid fluxes and suggest the ways to overcome them.

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2018 SNEC PV Power Expo

Date: Sunday 27th May, 2018 – Wednesday 30th May 2018

Venue: Shanghai, China


Presentation: New Challenges for Tabbing and Stringing Liquid Fluxes

Date: 28th May 2018

Time: 16.30

Presented by: Narahari Pujari, R&D Manager, Alpha Assembly Solutions