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Alpha Regional Marketing Manager a featured speaker at Aqueous Technology’s Texas Reliability in Electronics Workshop

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will be one of the five companies presenting at Aqueous Technology’s Texas Reliability in Electronics Workshop being held today, October 17 at the Norris Conference Center in Austin, Texas and October 19 at the Richardson Holiday Inn in Richardson, Texas.

Robert Wallace, Regional Marketing Manager for the Americas, will be one of the five speakers presenting at the day long workshops.  His presentation “Soldering Material Set Selection and the Potential Effect on High Reliability Electronics“ highlights the importance of strategic decision making when choosing materials for today’s increasingly complex assemblies and reliability requirements.  “As industries continue to transition to lead-free soldering and with the increasing demands for performance and reliability, it is critical that the right combination of solder paste, fluxes, and rework materials are selected in conjunction with the processes to be used in assembly.“, said Robert Wallace.

The four other speakers include Michael Konrad, President and CTO of Aqueous Technologies, Naveen Ravidran of Zestron, Mike Burgess of ASM Assembly Solutions-DEK, and Russell Claybrook of Microcare.  The free workshop is designed to help participants engage with the increasing demands to meet high levels of product reliability at the lowest cost possible.  The speakers‘ presentations will cover Cleaning Processes and Equipment, Environmental Mitigation, Cleanliness Assessment, Cleaning Chemicals, Stencil Printing, Soldering Materials, Cleaning Post Rework, and Best Practices.

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