ACDi CEO Bill Hornbaker on Mastering Adaptability and Innovating Growth in EMS

Philip Stoten talks to Bill Hornbaker, CEO of ACDi, a company that evolved from simple beginnings in PCB layout to an EMS powerhouse with four locations. My guest guides us through ACDI’s strategic transformations, acquisitions, and a timely pivot to assembly services that heralded a new era of growth. You’ll see the significance of each strategic move, from embracing the defense sector to breaking into the EV market, as we traverse a journey of adaptability and foresight that mirrors the global manufacturing landscape’s shift towards reshoring and technological innovation.

Celebrating the people behind the machines, we explore ACDI’s company culture, where promoting leaders from within fosters a loyal and dynamic workforce. Bill explains the dynamics of maintaining a customer-centric ethos that’s as responsive as it is flexible, something he learned in PCB design and a vital ingredient in developing enduring partnerships and ongoing success.

This episode is a testament to ACDI’s relentless pursuit of manufacturing excellence and the continuous evolution required to stay ahead in an industry where only the adaptable survive and thrive. Learn more about ACDI at

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