90 Years And Counting: A Chat with Ross Berntson, President and COO of Indium Corporation

Join us as we talk to Ross Berntson, President and COO of Indium Corporation, during Productronica 2023. As they approach their 90th anniversary, Ross takes us on a journey, from the company’s humble beginnings in a garage in Utica, New York, to their current status as a global innovator. Ross describes the rich history of the company, sharing stories of failure, persistence, and ultimately, success.

He also discusses the role of indium in the electronics industry, and how Indium Corporation’s innovative pursuits have resulted in significant growth in the market. Ross provides insight into the future, highlighting the company’s exciting prospects in the AI revolution and thermal management fpr EVs and the challenges and triumphs that come with striving for constant innovation. He paints a vivid picture of the company’s evolution through nine decades, demonstrating the dynamic interplay between innovation, persistence, and success.

Like every episode of EMS@C-Level, this one was sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young (https://www.kohyoung.com) and Adaptable Automation Specialist Launchpad.build (https://launchpad.build).

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