BEST SMT Boot Camp October 18-19

BEST announces that Phil Zarrow, electronics industry subject matter expert, will be our guest lecturer for the SMT Boot Camp to be held October 18 – 19. This course will feature the entire assembly process: board fabrication, print, place, reflow, clean, test and coating. In only the way Phil can, real world examples will be presented in the 2 day lecture.


If you are in town for the SMTA International exhibition,  BEST is only 15 minutes away!
Course Overview
The SMT Boot Camp is a practical overview of the many different processes and materials used in through-hole and surface mount technologies (SMT). It is a focused 2 day class, which provides students with the opportunity to learn and understand the processes, tools, and materials used in today’s manufacture of electronic assemblies.
Who Should Attend?
This class is for those students who want to get into SMT assembly or are entering the electronics assembly area for the first time in their careers. They can have their questions answered by someone who has years of experience and expertise in the field of board assembly. New engineers to this field, application engineers from device manufacturers, as well as designers would benefit from attending this seminar/hands-on formatted class.
If interested, please contact Alex Conley ( at 224-387-3256 for pricing information.