European MEMS & Sensors Summit and Imaging & Sensors Summit September 19-21, 2018

Like other world-renowned technology centers, Grenoble, France is home to celebrated R&D centers, acclaimed universities, large and influential companies, and pioneering startups –  fertile ground that makes Grenoble the ideal location for SEMI-MSIG’s upcoming European MEMS & Sensors Summit and Imaging & Sensors Summit (September 19-21, 2018). The events inspire cross-pollination among the European business executives and innovators who are driving new uses of MEMS, sensors and imaging technologies across a wide range of markets.

Our European Summits offer influential stakeholders a forum to explore the technological developments — and manufacturing and materials advancements — that will dramatically improve MEMS, sensors and imaging technologies. Partners, competitors, suppliers and end customers alike will connect and collaborate during the exhibition and networking events that make our European Summits so distinctive.

Opening Remarks

We are thrilled that Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO, STMicroelectronics will open the European Summits with Ajit Manocha, President and CEO, SEMI. Jean-Marc and Ajit are keenly attuned to the influences of MEMS, sensors and imaging – as well as the global semiconductor industry – on worldwide markets.

Executive Keynotes

Our keynote speakers span influential businesses and innovative R&D centers.


Emmanuel Sabonnadiere, CEO of the LETI, CEA-Tech


Lars Reger, Senior Vice President and Automotive Chief Technology Officer, NXP Semiconductors 



Claus Habfest, Vice Chair, Grenoble-Alps Metropolitan Council

Here is a snapshot of hot topics and featured programs that will help you decide.

Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

How will deep-learning technologies, encrypted networks and IP protection come together in advanced AI-enabled imaging chips that help solve analytics challenges at the edge?


Petronel Bigioi, Senior Vice President of Engineering & General Manager of FotoNation, XPERI

How is the new always-on Computer Vision Module (CVM) improving AI at the edge?

Senior Director Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies


Megatrends: Influencing MEMS/Sensors Users and Markets

How will technology megatrends influence the use of MEMS and sensors in smart speakers, Internet of Things (IoT) products, wearables and autonomous vehicles? Based on Roland Berger’s extensive global market research, what future capabilities do product makers want from MEMS and sensors suppliers?


Alexander, Ph.D., Partner, Roland Berger


Propelled by global megatrends such as AI, connected healthcare, voice interfaces, 5G and hyperscale data centers, MEMS and sensors capabilities are evolving from physical sensing, light sensing and infrared toward sound, ultrasonic, hyperspectral and radio frequency. How will this evolution affect the growth of MEMS and sensors markets?


Eric Mounier, Senior Analyst – Photonics, Sensing & Displays Division, Yole Développement


Disrupting Authentication

How will emerging optical sensors, ultrasonic fingerprint solutions and in-display sensors challenge capacitive fingerprint sensors to disrupt authentication in consumer products?


Manuel Tagliavini, Principal Analyst, MEMS & Sensors, IHS Markit


Autonomous Vehicles

What is the role of sensors in enabling autonomous cars to become more like humans in making decentralized decisions?


Keynote Speaker Lars Reger, Senior Vice President and Automotive Chief Technology Officer, NXP Semiconductors


While a swarm of established companies and startups rush to develop LIDARS for autonomous vehicles and ADAS, there is still no clear winner. Which R&D advancements can reduce LIDAR size and cost and ease their integration into windshields and auto pillars?





Francois Simoens, Technical Marketing and Strategy Manager, CEA-Leti


Sensor Evolution Driven by IoT

Sensors are proliferating in IoT solutions, driving massive data processing requirements. How are R&D centers addressing the technological challenges posed by the rising use of sensors in complex heterogeneous systems?


Keynote Speaker Emmanuel Sabonnadiere, CEO of the LETI, CEA Tech


Smart Cities

How is the Grenoble-Alpes initiative blending smart city open data and personal data inside mobile devices? How might other municipalities benefit from the open architecture that is now in development?

Keynote Speaker Claus Habfest, Vice Chair, Grenoble-Alps Metropolitan Council


How are smart image and vision sensor technology allowing smart cities to make more informed decisions as they access public lighting, traffic systems, transportation and other smart systems?

Thierry Ligozat, Chief Innovation Officer, Teledyne e2V



From smartwatches that sync your morning alarm with your natural biorhythms to minimally invasive blood glucose monitors, the market potential for wearables is vast. How do we tackle the battery-recharge issue that has become an obstacle to more widespread adoption of always-on devices?

Peter Weigand, VP Business Strategy, Bosch Sensortec


Biomedical Innovation

What are the challenges in developing a medically accurate health-sensing system for smartphones — and how can we overcome them using sensors and other data-gathering hardware and software?

Mark-Eric Jones, CEO, Léman Micro Devices


Meeting MEMS Manufacturing Challenges

How can we scale MEMS manufacturing to meet future demands of the multitude of IoT sensing applications?

Antoine Filipe, Ph.D., Director of High-Performance Inertial Products, TDK-Tronics


How can the MEMS industry move away from the “one product, one process” tradition to design for manufacturability and early manufacturing involvement?

Ian Roane, President and CEO, Micralyne


The MEMS & Sensors/Imaging & Sensors Summits Gala Dinner will take place September 20, 2018, at the restaurant Le Téléférique, next to the Bastille of Grenoble, at the southern end of the Chartreuse massif. The venue offers breathtaking views of the Belledonne Range, the Vercors massif and the city of Grenoble.

Register by August 17

I hope that you will join us for our third European Summits in Grenoble. Register by August 17 for an attendee discount. For more information, please contact SEMI Europe: Christina Fritsch, Sr. Manager Programs and Events, email:

Laith Altimime is President of SEMI Europe. 

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