Human Brain Cells Learn Faster Than AI Study Finds

Researchers have recently taught human brain cells in a petri dish to play the retro videogame Pong faster than artificial intelligence (AI).

Scientists created what they dubbed the “cyborg brain” in order to measure biological neurons against AI. This “brain” consists of just brain cells in a petri dish grown on microelectronic arrays.

These arrays give researchers the ability to stimulate the cells, causing them to grow and reconfigure themselves in order to solve new problems. Current tests indicate that the “cyborg brain” can learn to prevent goals in Pong in as fast as five minutes.

Cortical Labs, the Australia-based team that trains the cyborg brain, says it typically takes AI ninety minutes to learn the same thing.

Brett Kagan, chief scientific officer of Cortical Labs, explains that the brain cells experience themselves as being inside the virtual world of Pong as they play the video game. The cells begin to restructure themselves as if they are a living thing inside Pong’s interface. As the cells play Pong, they start to believe they are the paddle.

SOURCE: Geek Reporter

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