How smart are mobile machines?

Duesseldorf, February, 2018 – Digitization and automation are transforming the working world. How mobile robotics, Smart Data and Machine Learning are already being used in the off-highway sector will be demonstrated at the 3rd international VDI conference “Connected Off-Highway Machines” in Duesseldorf on April 10 – 11.

Automation and networking are two megatrends, not only in the automotive industry. Even off the paved road, semi-autonomous driving and connectivity are already in use: in the so-called off-highway area. This includes mobile machines, from the construction industry, agriculture and forestry or mining. The topic of the international VDI conference “Connected Off-Highway Machines” shows how automation and digitization can be used to intelligently control and efficiently use more and more large-scale machines.

These new technologies are changing the industry: they increase productivity while reducing costs by, for example, recording and evaluating condition data or fuel consumption. Thanks to high-precision sensors, modern agricultural machinery collects data on the nature of the harvest, which they pass on to the farmer. They determine the temperature, moisture content or fertilizer saturation of the soil and ensure optimal growth conditions.

Precondition for autonomous machines are precise GPS positioning systems, lane departure warning systems as well as camera and sensor technology for close and remote monitoring. GPS-controlled machines are already contributing to higher work performance. Using lidar and radar technology, machines detect obstacles in their environment or changing weather conditions reliably and alert the machine operator. In addition, mobile machines contribute to safe and improved working conditions.

Nevertheless, there are still challenges: how can artificial intelligence be integrated into mobile machines? How to deal with Big Data? When can fully autonomous construction and working machines be used? Answers to these and other questions will be discussed by international experts at the VDI conference “Connected Off-Highway Machines”.

Major topics are:

  • New Business Models for Connected and Autonomous Mobile Machines
  • The Way towards Autonomous Mobile Machines
  • Autonomous Use Cases from Mining, Ports and Automotive
  • Connectivity Challenges and Value of Data
  • Mobile Robotics transforming the Off-Highway Industry

Participants benefit from the parallel VDI conferences “Autonomous Trucks” and “Smart Farming“, which they can visit free of charge. The events deal with the influence of the digital transformation on trucks and logistics as well as agriculture. All events are in English.

Automated driving in the car is the theme of the international VDI conference “Automated Driving“, which will be held in Duesseldorf on 16 – 17 May 2018. Also at the “ConCar Expo 2018“, the largest European trade fair for Connected Car, in Berlin on 27 – 28 June, everything revolves around the topics of networked and automated driving.

Visitors of the VDI conference “ELIV Marketplace” in Baden-Baden on 16 – 17 October 2018, will learn more about the trends and developments in the field of electrics and electronics in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.

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