Driving Efficiencies for the Integrated Lab in Medical Devices

Driving Efficiencies for the Integrated Lab in Medical Devices

The growing populations affected by abnormal heart rhythms have created greater demand for diagnostic mapping, navigating, ablating, and recording technologies.
Emerging technologies and new instrumentation are rapidly improving the ability of electrophysiologists (EP) to target and treat atrial fibrillation, creating an easier-to-navigate working environment while incorporating robust data management capabilities across the care continuum.

ebookInnovations in electrophysiology (EP) have driven a growth in demand for integrated solutions capable of supporting more streamlined workflows for the complex procedures that happen in the laboratory. As a result, many leading medical device manufacturers are leveraging their portfolios of products and services to integrate their most frequently used EP lab equipment into cohesive systems capable of improving patient outcomes and workflow efficiency — and, ultimately, of helping to reduce healthcare costs.

Improving procedural workflow is important for helping to improve efficiency and manage the cost of delivering care. Advanced technologies are optimizing interconnectedness to make that happen

ebookAn experienced and capable outsource contract manufacturer (CM) in the design and production of electronic components for tomorrow’s integrated EP laboratories adds significant value:

  • Expediting time to market
  • Driving efficiencies in the manufacture of the device
  • Reducing overall costs
  • Supporting implementation of design enhancements

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