EMSNOW On Tour – SERO and Neways

unnamedThis time EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll and European EMS Guru Dieter Weiss started their day in Germany with SERO GmbH and ended it in the Netherlands at Neways Neunkirchen GmbH.

SERO is a top 40 European EMS with close to three decades of history that was acquired in 2018 by the management and a private equity firm. Since then, they’ve added facilities in the Netherlands and Slovakia and are close to adding a facility in Florida, USA. This sparks the conversation about global footprints, why size matters and how to get the necessary scale, and oddly a tangent related to cow sensors…

Neways is a top ten European EMS, recently 98% acquired by a family office investor. They also have a US footprint, this time in Milpitas, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Following more M&A discussion and some insight into consolidation in Europe and beyond, ‘the boys’ explore the value of standard equipment sets and systems to make managing a global company simpler as projects are moved or repeated in different sites.

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