Author: Phil Stoten


I’ve been at every productronica since my first trip to Muncih in the 1980s (yes, I am that old), but this year I’ll be enjoying Australia’s summer and not Bavaria’s winter. I will miss attending what I still consider the most important trade show in the industry, but mostly I’ll miss my friends and colleagues who gather and meet at such events. 

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What’s the SCOOP – Is Climate Change the Real Crisis?

For the last eighteen months I have used the word crisis in the first sentence of almost every article I have written. Before the pandemic ‘crisis’ we worried about the ‘crisis’ caused by the trade war between China and the US, and now we’re in a supply chain ‘crisis’ brought about by component shortages. But while we talk about all these challenges, are we missing the elephant in the room? Are we missing the biggest crisis of all time, the existential crisis that is climate change?

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What’s the SCOOP – August 2021

Some ‘What’s the SCOOP’ questions resonate more than others, but none have had a level of engagement like this month’s debate on component shortages. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, clearly the issue is vexing the entire industry, challenging relationships between brands and their manufacturing partners, and between those manufacturers and their suppliers.

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What’s the SCOOP – Component Shortage Disruption

GPV’s Bo Lybæk, GDL Circuits’ Pascal Aubois, Season Group’s Carl Hung, KATEK Group’s Rainer Koppitz and Christoph Antener, All Circuits’ Bruno Racault, Zollner’s Alfred Birgmann, Microart’s Mark Wood, BMK’s Susanne Gujber, Cybord’s Zeev Efrat, Creative Electron’s Dr. Bill Cardoso, Koh Young Americas’ Juan Arango, CalcuQuote’s Chintan Sutaria, Omnic’s Akhil Oltikar, Hyperion Metals’ Taso Arima, Elmatica’s Raymond Goh and IPC’s John Mitchell comment on the current component shortages.

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