Author: Phil Stoten

Whose Data is it Anyway – A Build Better 2022 Panel

Wow, that was a lot of information, in fact that was a lot of data! Thanks to everyone who took part in Build Better 2022 which finished at 4pm pacific, today, Thursday, March 3rd. The subtitle of today’s conference was “The Criticality of Manufacturing Data as Infrastructure” and there is no doubt that data as infrastructure, and not as a tool, is the key to the future of manufacturing.

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Changing The World One Supply Chain at a Time

When Forbes writer Marco Annunziata wrote, “Supply Chains Begin and End In the Earth”, he could scarcely have been more in tune with Hyperion Metals’ vision of a world that is improving, one supply chain at a time. This is more important now than ever before. Supply chain issues, normally tucked away in conferences and niche publications, are now headline news.

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The Power of Design Engineering – Optimize Operations and Realize Smart Ideas with VAVE

If there is but one takeaway from the coronavirus pandemic, it is that change is constant. In times of unprecedented changes, it is necessary to optimize our approach to react to and work with changes, or risk elimination from the market. Take for example the recent disruptions to the global supply chain and their debilitating effects to all sectors and industries of the global market: companies simply cannot afford to release control over any aspect of their operations.

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What’s the SCOOP – 2022 Trends – Shortages, Shorter Supply Chains and Bigger Companies

Firstly the elephant in the room, or at least the elephant that you ordered months ago, didn’t get finished in time because of a shortage of tusks and is now languishing in a container a few miles off the port of Los Angeles. Yes, we’re talking about parts and supply chain shortages. 

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