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New Apple products will be ODM by Quanta and Asustek

Dec 27, 2005

Apple computer will adopt Intel processor next year. According to the understanding, the ODM order of new Apple notebook has been obtained by Quanta and Asustek.

It will help increasing the total production of first quarter next year for both companies. However, Quanta and Asustek both make no comments on this. Apple computer stated it would exhibit its desktop and notebook with Intel processor at Mac World Expo in San Francisco, USA from 9th to 13th January next year.

Due to the low price strategy to grab market share from the major notebook companies such as HP and DELL, Apple is occupying less and less market share. Apple initially used Apple processors provided exclusively by IBM.  However, due to the lack of economics of scale, Apple has turned to Intel processors.  Besides the cost consideration, analyst thinks the Intel processor's low power consumption and the opportunities of developing other new markets are the main reasons contributing to Apple's switch to Intel.

Quanta and Asustek are the main ODM notebook partners of Apple. Quanta is responsible to high level model, Power Book and Asustek is in charge of entry level model, i-Book.  This working module for Intel ODM will maintain for next year.  Asustek will work on the consumer type of products and Quanta will be in charge of high-level model M1.

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